Kenny Brawner

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Kenny Brawner is a critically acclaimed keyboardist, vocalist and composer who plays with his own distinctive style of Jazz, Funk, R&B and Blues. For nearly a decade Mr. Brawner led and composed for a jazz-funk recording band called “Raw Sugar ”. During that period his funk composition Whups It On Me was Chosen ‘Showstopper of the week’ on WBLS in New York, and another production collaboration with Onaje Allan Gumbas achieved a large degree of success.

He presently leads a group called The Brawner Brothers Band known for its Old-school sweet soul music, Blues, Latin, African and jazz modes- and volcanic funk. He has been featured with BB KING and dazzled in Blues Suite-live on stage with legendary Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre. Kenny has also recently played lead theatrical roles as a blues man in both Dan Dietz’s Clementine In the Lower 9 and a blues based musical called The City Club and a soulful organist in Stew and Heidi Rodewald’s The Total Bent at New York’s Public Theatre and most recently a lead role in What Makes a Man, a show that features the work of the legendary Charles Aznavour, one of the world’s last surviving “showmen”.

This show is licensed by Mr. Aznavour.

He also has been leading and touring with a 12 piece band and 3 sultry female vocalists doing a concert/theater work in which he brings the music and the story of the great Ray Charles to life.