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Chris’s career, unlike his brother has spanned many fields in the artistic spectrum, from clothes design and theatre to journalism. He has appeared in repertory at The Citizen’s Theatre in Glasgow (his first play there was with one Pierce Brosnan), Nottingham Playhouse and the ICA in London as well as in TV and film. He has written for various magazines and newspapers including The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, the Mail on Sunday and Rolling StoneHis first records were made during the 1970’s for David Geffen of Asylum Records in Los Angeles and he toured the USA and the UK.He revitalised his song writing in the late 1980’s when he worked in France as lyricist for producer Franck Langolf [Vanessa Paradis] and helped brother Mick out on the Stones acclaimed albums “Dirty Work” and then later “Steel Wheels.”Chris decided to then concentrate on his own material and the result was the critically acclaimed Sequel C.D. ‘Atcha!’ in 1994, a mix of Cajun style with Chris’s individual brand of song writing. Acclaimed and respected music critic Tony Parsons in the Telegraph compared his lyrics to those of the famed Sammy Cahn. Contributions came from David Gilmour (Pink Floyd) and Dave Stewart (Eurythmics) on ‘Lhasa Town, Leo Sayer and a touch of brother Mick on ‘Stand Up for The Foot.’ This record was later released in the US by Curb Records as ‘Rock the Zydeco’ where Chris and his band promoted the record on the Conan O’Brien Show for NBC.Additionally he arranged the music for the Bosnian charity concert – “Bop for Bosnia” -at the BBC in Studio One with Dave Stewart and David Gilmour and two subsequent concerts for Tibet in Battersea Park and Alexandria Park in North London. In 1996 Chris recorded an acoustic album, ‘From Lhasa To Lewisham’ with associates Ben Waters and Charlie Hart and there followed ‘Channel Fever’ with the Atcha! Band.Act of Faith’ which was released in 2005 on the Hannover-based label SPV,has also brought Chris and his music to a wider audience in Europe, Australia, Japan and Canada where he appeared at the Montreal Jazz Festival in 2007.Besides writing and touring Europe with his band.Chris has recently written and presented a three part series for BBC Radio on Alexis Korner, the pioneering blues musician and broadcaster. He has also finished a film for SKY ARTS on the blues in Austin Texas with guest contributions from some of the finest and most respected blues musicians including Muddy Waters pianist Pine Top Perkins, Hubert Sumlin who worked with blues singer Howlin’ Wolf and guitarist Jimmy Vaughan. We catch up with ninety three year old Pinetop as he visits with brother Mick and Chuck Leavell backstage at a Rolling Stones show in Austin TX and reveal stories from the heydays of Chicago blues. The film was a direct result of a radio show that Chris co-hosts from Austin, ‘The Blueseum Of Fine Art’.